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I was traveling in the US (I'm from Brazil) and decided to buy a gift for my father. I went to Lord and Taylor in Boston and bought a Ralph Lauren shirt.

Did not know that I would regret, badly. The sales person FORGOT TO REMOVE THE ALARM TAG and I left the store normally, no fuss, no sound, nothing. That was my last day in the US. I went back to the hotel and I was packing when I realized the alarm tag.

It was late and the store was already closed. People from the hotel tried to help me with no success. My flight was early in the morning so I wasn't able to find the store opened. I went back to Brazil and tried to remove the alarm tag in a local store.

The pattern is different so I couldn't do it. I have called Lord and Taylor SEVERAL times and they refuse to fix my problem. They say that they cannot ship overseas and that there is nothing they can do until I come back to the US. IS THIS A JOKE?

They even suggested that I ship the item to a individual in the us, so this GOOD SOUL can go to a store, request the removal, and then send me back the item. WTF????? I do not have any contact in the US to do this and even if I had this *** was A STORE MISTAKE. I'm not going to spend any dime to send this item whatsoever.

Now my father has an expensive shirt with an alarm tag on. NICE HUH? This store is a mess, every time I tried to call them they had a different opinion. The first time the lady told me that they could send me a label so I can ship the item to the store with no charge.

The other time they said that the label could not be processed because its overseas and the option is to ship the item and keep the receipt so they can give me a gift card with the amount (I LIVE IN BRAZIL, WHAT PART U DID NOT HEAR?), the other time they said that the manager would handle this personally and call me back (obviously no call back), and LAST AND FINAL: "Mam, we cannot do anything until u come back to the US." ARE YOU GOING TO BUY ME A TICKET? What a load of ***, company who does not know how to deal with customers, does not know how to handle strange situations, does not know ANYTHING.

I am a lawyer here in Brazil and I have already spoken to a colleague who is a lawyer in Boston and we are suiting the company. This situation went too far.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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Not sure what you expected store to do to correct this mistake. FYI, those tags can sometimes be separated using a very strong magnet.


lol. you obviously shoplifted and want them to send you a second one... please stay in brazil and stop coming to boston to steal.

to Anonymous #1161712

Why you just assume he shoplifted, people like you give America a bad name!


I feel bad that Lord & Taylor did that to you.... However, if they refuse to help you, I have a suggestion that you might consider, so that the shirt isn't a total waste!

Usually, when they attach those tags, they stick the pin part through a seam, so that they don't injure the fabric.

What I've done before, when it's happened to me, was turn the garment inside out and pull apart that seam where the tag is attached.

Then pull the tag out, and then sew the seam back up!

Good luck!


Call me crazy... what is it that you want the store to do?

If they can't ship internationally, then they can't do it. Be a problem solver instead of a complainer.

And I'm not really sure what you can sue Lord and Taylor for in this situation?

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*** happens!

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