Store has no Christmas decorations because Jewish General a Manager doesn't want them

Ha! But she is promoting shopping and last minute gifts! Typical!

Lost me as a customer forever! Do not support discrimative people!!

Biggest shopping period of the year....bad move Mindy!

Even more disappointing is the Company allowed one persons bad attitude and discriminatory mentality to get in the way!

Lord & Taylor was the first retailer to do innovative Christmas windows in NYC

Now because of a Jewish manager, there is no sign of Christmas in the store!

I live near the store and enjoyed walking to the store to shop. To not have to go to the mall ( especially at Christmas time) was a dream. Now I have to go to the mall as I

I will no longer support Lord & Taylor. I am canceling my store credit card as soon as I pay my balance.

Review about: Lord And Taylor Credit Card.

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Grow up! Christmas should actually be celebrated in the fall because that is when Christ was born.

In December it would have been too cold for the shepherds to have their flocks in the fields at night.

Also a lot of the Christmas decorations that are used are actually pagan in origin. Whether or not a store has Christmas decorations in it is really immaterial, if it is a place that you have liked to shop.

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